To blog or not to blog…

…yes that is the question.

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of my critics or better to keep my head below the parapet.

I’ve never been one to do the latter and it is rather presumptuous of me to assume that I will have any critics – to have them you must first find readers.

So why even consider a blog if no-one but myself and perhaps my ever-loving hubby is going to read it?

Firstly, physically I am not that fit and really should take regular exercise, but I am probably too lazy to visit a gym regularly; I don’t play golf and I am not walking in the rain – I could rust or melt. Although I suppose the latter is what I would like to achieve in order to shed a few pounds.

With physical exercise decidedly out of the question, then how about giving some consideration to the old – and rapidly getting older – grey matter? The time has come (yes I am feeling a bit like an old walrus) when the only running I am doing is through the alphabet in my mind to try to recall names but now I am having to do it to recall words.

So, fearful of getting to the time when I forget the alphabet and therefore everything, I have decided that a blog will provide the necessary exercise for my failing brain cells. And I can sit by the fire and keep dry, externally if not internally – i’s bound to take the odd glass of wine or brandy to stimulate those ageing cells.

So blog it is and what better time when we have been travelling and I am about to take on the task of attempting to develop the RotaKids network in District 1020?

Whilst the brain may be on the wane there should be plenty of quotes from RotaKids and our young grandkids to provide a few chuckles along the way. Come to think of it though some of the best programmes and films are all about the strange sense of humour that comes with old age, so there could be hope for me yet.

If you are still with me at this point, stick around in the hope things will get better and do feel free to throw the slings and arrows – metaphorically please, I bruise easily!



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